Stepping toward your purpose.


Mission: Bring professional business women together to support one another in business and life. Vision: Build mutually beneficial relationships while embracing both our differences and similarities.


Mentorship, Partnerships, Volunteering, and Fundraisers with local companies including non profit organizations. Email and allow us to assist you. We love teaming and working TOGETHER!

Tameka Garrett, Creator and Visionary

It is my opinion that women business owners and those that aspire to have grown accustomed to the juggling act of attempting to have it all. Wanting to stand out with purpose, working long hours, sacrificing so many things and hearing NO or not at this time more than we can count.

"What IF " we told you that there are women that will support you-for real? Building professional relationships with fellow women provides numerous mutual benefits. Our target audience is Professional Business Women that understand we are not to compete, but to collaborate in Confidence. Those that support one another-for real beyond our zip codes.

Invest in yourself and your future by joining us at our next workshop, experience, inline courses or conference. We encourage you to step toward your IT and handle it. But please remember God did not make this world for us to do things by ourselves. Lighten your load and ask for assistance, sow a seed into someone else and let's GROW together. There's more than enough business and blessings for us all. 

Step with Confidence, create written agreements/contracts and collect your Coins! This year we are committed to living our healthiest lives. Face it, if we as women do not take care of ourselves most often the entire household falls apart. Think about it. 

Commit to professional and personal development, traveling more to see the world and escape from the daily routines of co-workers, stack of bills, meeting deadlines and any other daily expectations. 

Every women is welcome! #StilettosOnThePavement  


Mic check, 1, 2. 
There's healing in loving YOU. Welcome to a new experience of women gatherings.

Mic check, 1, 2. 

There's healing in loving YOU. Welcome to a new experience of women gatherings. 

We support one another-for real!

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